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Open Topic: Taking Photos with American Children

Posted December 1st, 2010 by Peter · 8 Comments

This week’s Open Topic comes from Lindsay, and pertains to Asians (not Asian-Americans):

My husband and I as well as some friends (two couples) separately traveled to Thailand and Malaysia. My husband was stared at, especially as we were further from the city. Our friends found that Asian tourists wanted photos with their children. Each American couple had two kids, all under the ages of 5. Two kids were white/Caucasian, and the other two kids were half Thai, half white/Caucasian, second generation Americans.

Hi there Lindsay, Being here in Beijing and Shanghai for the past few months has shown me that this fascination not only comes from a serious case of “White-Envy,” but also a need to take pictures with strange objects and subjects. These will later be shown off to friends, some of which have never seen a real “white person” outside of the bootleg movies sold in front of WuMart (Yes, I said WuMart). I’ve seen Asians in China taking photos with rocks, stop signs, African-Americans, and of course, Caucasian people (especially tall ones).

Caucasian people are also given preferential treatment at airports, restaurants, and right in the middle of busy streets, where schoolgirls will sheepishly ask to have their photos taken with them.

Any idea where this fascination comes from?
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