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#142 “Lindorsements” (Being Linteresting)

Posted October 2nd, 2014 by Peter · 1 Comment

We just got a hold of Jeremy Lin’s “Lindorsements” (Linteresting) video by the guys at Wong Fu Productions! The video features Jeremy Lin and the usual cast at various locations around SoCal like Ten Ren Tea. We first wrote about #135 Jeremy Lin in 2010, and his star has been shining brighter and brighter every year. We’re so proud of his incredible worth ethic and faith that everything will work out. Welcome to the Lakers, Jeremy! Here’s to more endorsements in the near future (and philanthropy too).

“when he goes on a juice cleanse– he gains 10 lbs… of muscle.”
“i don’t always drink boba, but when I do– I use a buy one get 1 free coupon”
“my name is jeremy lin, and I love puppies”

“I’ll be Nash..”
Nash: No, I’ll be Nash.

What are your favorite quotes? Comment below =)


Directed by Wong Fu Productions:

Christine Chen & Josh Fan

Written by
Jeremy Lin & Wong Fu Productions

Jeremy Lin @Jlin7
King Bach @KingBach
Philip Wang @wongfupro
Megan Batoon @meganbatoon
Joanna Sotomura @joannasotomura
Cici Lau
Steve Nash

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