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It’s Not Easy Being Green. It’s Not Easy Being Yellow Either!

Posted October 16th, 2009 by Peter · 14 Comments

Here’s a post by guest writer Vannie Sung about the the new beauty standards emerging in Asia as a result of western influences. Ever wonder why you see those Asian grannies on the street holding umbrellas in the summer? Well, for Asians, umbrellas don’t just block rain, but sun too! How did being light or [...]

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#125 Hand-Me-Downs

Posted September 19th, 2009 by Peter · 12 Comments

One submission we at SAPL particularly agreed upon this week was suggested by Kat, who says that Asians like: “second-hand things. Or third/fourth-hand sometimes.  I’ve grown up wearing hand-me downs from unknown family friends and relatives.  And after 7 years, I try to donate them since I haven’t touched them in so long, and my [...]

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Crank2 Interview with Bai Ling

Posted April 13th, 2009 by Peter · 2 Comments

This is a special treat for our Stuff Asian People Like family. Asian Central recently interviewed actress Bai Ling, who has hundreds of accolades since hitting the mainstream media. She has been highly controversial in years past, but that hasn’t changed her spirit and yearning for fun, adventure, and most of all, sharing her gifts [...]

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#111 Being a Banana

Posted March 7th, 2009 by Peter · 41 Comments

This is a great post (and one of our longer submissions) from suchda. It gives a lot of insight into the thought processes of Asians that have today become more like “bananas” and “twinkies” than embracing their culture. Enjoy! What do you think of when a banana is mentioned? There is more to it than [...]

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