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Stuff Asian People Like Writer Guidelines

Welcome to the Stuff Asian People Like Community!

This is a note to readers interested in submitting a post, personal story, rant, or photo about Stuff Asian People Like. Please shoot me an email with a topic you have in mind or some ideas before you start writing so I can give you a timeline for editing and publishing as well as let you know if someone else is already writing on the topic. Your first post can be sent in a Word Document with attached images in the email. For posts only, it is necessary that you read a fair amount of the posts on the site before writing your own, as we’ve worked hard to keep the uniformity in style and tone. However, for personal stories and rants, you are free to write in your own style (even a poem is okay). Since we have so many people interested in writing, I’ve put together a list of simple guidelines. Please stick to them as they’ll guarantee a good product versus having to redo posts after they are written.

There are guidelines to writing posts that you must abide to:

1. Any post will be considered, however, not all posts will be posted.
2. Articles should be around three paragraphs long, 4-5 sentences each. Keep the discussion concise and humorous. Do not belabor yourself and turn the post into an essay. From personal experience, I know it is tempting – save your ideas for a future post.
3. No vulgar language will be tolerated! Do not test us with this.
4. Two images will be positioned correctly in the post with brackets. They must be tastefully-found and not from paid site (ie. Jupiter Images, etc.) and please include the urls of the images below your post.
5. Remember to sign your name or alias at the end of each post.
6. Submissions will become property of Asian Central – Stuff Asian People Like.

Know that our website is not-for-profit at this time, and any ads on the website are strictly to pay for server fees and web maintenance. We are in the process of fundraising to move to another server that could support the increased amount of visitors. Therefore, all ads and donation are NOT for personal benefit. Therefore, contributing to our blog means that you have voluntarily agreed to post because you want to contribute to this comprehensive project for the Asian American community.

Thank you, and we hope you can become a regular contributor on Stuff Asian People Like. Your work will have huge impact!

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