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Merry Christmas!

Posted December 24th, 2008 by Peter · 1 Comment

Hello, and Seasons Greetings from the Stuff Asian People Like family. We’re extremely thankful for your continued support and patience because as you all know, this site is maintained by pretty much two people. It’s the content and suggestions from you that ultimately decide where this site goes. That’s the beauty of it.

Nguyen, and his sister, Nancy, demonstrate Stuff Asians Like No. 35: “Peace Signs.”
Nguyen demonstrates Stuff Asians Like No. 35: “Peace Signs.”

If you were wondering, this site was created in February of 2008, mysteriously around the same time that Stuff White People was gaining steam (though neither site knew the other existed). I guess it was sheer coincidence. Since that time though, we have amassed over 2 million unique visitors and over 50 million page views. The community has grown to over 200 members and 1500 subscribers. We’ve been featured on CNN, National Review, Newsweek, Metro, and even a front page feature on Asia Weekly Magazine. In between, there’s literally been blown up Godaddy servers (no longer using their services), constant naggers and hecklers (which are fun to deal with), and the wonderful group of readers that come back to this site for their stereotypical digests. It has truly been a wild ride.

We’d also like to thank our wonderful staff: Shaun Yeoh, Ali Songo, Justin , Nancy, Dennis, Peter, Peter Pham, Yaspy Chick, Everyday Asian, Steve, Avaliant, Tracy, and all those that contributed so much to the cause.

With that said: we wish you all a wonderful holiday season with your family and loved ones. When SAPL returns in 2009, we’re going to unveil a newer and better way to get articles written. Best of all, it’ll be your comments that comprise the articles (along with the usual hours of research). Also stay tuned for a long awaited layout upgrade.

Thanks again, SAPL Family!!!

We Love You!

Peter Nguyen

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