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Suggestion: Glamor Shots

Posted February 27th, 2009 by Peter · 3 Comments

Christina says: “Asian people love glamor shots, with those fuzzy backgrounds — and they’re usually holding a peony or some other flower near their face.”

Hi Christina! It’s certainly been a long time since we brought up Purikura photos in a SAPL post (it’s amazing to see that there have been over 100 posts since).
At any rate, here are some posts to look at if you’re interested in the topic:

You should check out #2 Purikura Photos by Peter:

Purikura? Purikura is a term of Japanese origin meaning either a photo sticker booth or the product of such a photo booth. Now what is so appealing about taking pictures in a booth? Why not go outside with your friends? There is a mystique, ambiance, magical feel that an Asian receives from using a touch screen to decorate their own pictures. It’s fun adding a flower or star to their best friend’s face. Asians spend hours decorating their pictures, and then they are printed and stuck onto things… #2 Purikura Photos.

and #97 Model Poses by kvietgrl:

Asians can’t help being so good looking. Seriously, sometimes we just have too huge of an advantage.

A truly wise man from San Francisco once said:

It seems that the Asian women I have met usually send me pictures that are 10 years old, or photoshoped with alterations. Worse are the professional studio pictures with corny backgrounds and lighting that many Chinese women seem to have. They never look like the picture, not even close. To top it off, while many show up looking like they just got in a street fight (beat up looking) others show up just looking very average but think they are so hot! I think many Asian women, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and especially the Filipina women get this false sense of their own attractiveness because every dorky white guy in Silicon Valley with an Asian fetish have only one criteria: 1. that the woman’s eyes are slanted. I think preference number 2 would be that she can’t really understand him, so he can hide what a freaking retard he really is. The end result is that these Asian women are adored by these social misfits and get a puffy head. – Jake,

Ladies, he’s single… #97 Model Poses.

Thanks for the suggestion, Christina! We look forward to all of your submissions and suggestions each and every week.

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