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Feature: Which Asian Men Hairstyle Do You Have?

Posted May 12th, 2009 by Peter · 7 Comments

Thank you Skippetty for submitting this article on hairstyles for Asian Men.  Brandon Dyce, a fashion correspondent, from shares about different hairstyles that Asian Men usually have and “what it says about you.”  This feature is pretty interesting and funny, we thought we’d share some it with you.

Gone are the days of the bowl cut and assimilating to other ethnic men’s hairstyles. When it comes to great hair, Asian men have some of the most versatile sets of locks around. Thanks in large part to its characteristically thick, ultra-straight texture, Asian hair lends itself to today’s most stylish haircuts, even setting the trend in some cases.

If you’re of Asian descent, you should know that your hair is very porous, so it can absorb more moisture and hold different styles. If you’re not happy with your hair, then you’re not tapping into its full potential. So, to put you on the fast track to a new modern look that suits who you are, here’s a list of six super-sharp haircuts that will really play to your advantage.

Mark Dacascos - Credit:
The total shave

Asian guys (or any guys, really) with a bald head make a bold statement. Whether you need to do it or not, taking it all off the top shows you’re a man of true grit and determination; you exude confidence and class. Being bald looks so tough, Mark Dacascos dons it for his role as the Chairman on Iron Chef America; it allows him to be both smooth as steel and tough as nails. If you want to set that tone, then make the decision to go bald; it’s the perfect look for the take-charge guy who wants to come across as sharp, confident and sophisticated. Bald-headed men command respect and a style all their own. What makes this look even better is the fact that a lot of chicks dig it.

What it says about you: You’re on top of your game, you know who you are and you’re not afraid to show it.

Daniel Dae Kim - Credit:
Textured short

Traditionally, short hair can be a bore, but adding texture makes it classically cool. Due to their simplicity, textured short haircuts are spot-on for guys who like to walk one step beyond conservative. Sporting this ‘do makes it abundantly clear that you have a crisp, professional image to maintain. You know what it means to be in style without going overboard. Textured short hair looks timeless and sophisticated. No one proves this point more than Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim; his well-maintained coif affirms his cosmopolitan, erudite disposition toward style. Kim’s not trying to push the envelope anymore than he has to because he doesn’t need to; his stylish, grown-up haircut says it all for him. And for the consummate professional, you should let this haircut do the same for you.

What it says about you: Steeped in traditional, classic style, you have a mature approach to fashion that translates into an air of confidence, class and simplicity.

Jason Tobin - Credit:
Razored shag

We do learn from the past, and the razored shag proves it. Though no one’s had one in years, consider this hairstyle a modern twist on the outdated bowl cut. But just because it’s based on an old-school style, doesn’t mean it’s lame. Actually, this haircut speaks irreverence. Just look at Jason Tobin. He carries the uneven edges and tapered-down crop like a true badass. Inherent in the razored shag is cool demeanor and edgy sophistication; it’s urban, daring and borderline defiant. While the cut’s definitely a suave look for younger guys, it also works for more audacious professionals who maintain a dapper wardrobe.

What it says about you: Self-assured and somewhat defiant, you know what it means to push the envelope, yet you stay slightly grounded in tradition.

Rockin’ the faux hawk and shoulder-length hair

Aaron Yoo - Credit:
Messy faux hawk

Want to walk on the cutting edge of fashion? Then work your hair up into a messy faux hawk. This look screams “style icon.” Worn mostly by younger guys who play by no one’s rules but their own, this hairstyle evokes big-city influence; it embodies downtown style and total attitude. Aaron Yoo, who stars in Disturbia, rocks the messy faux hawk like a true star. Meticulously disheveled, Yoo’s hairstyle proves he’s not afraid to be an individual; he’s free from the confines of tradition. With its over-the-top statement, the messy faux hawk makes a fast, fashion-forward claim by those sporting it.

What it says about you: You’re not afraid to defy conventional style and to stand out in a crowd. You pride yourself on your unique style that keeps you on the outer edge of urban fashion.

John Cho - Credit:
Textured medium length

Casual enough for everyday wear and smart enough for professional attire, this versatile look works for just about anyone. A textured medium-length haircut like John Cho’s demonstrates subtle sophistication — tastefully understated is another way to put it. Ideal for today’s modest modern man, this haircut shows you’ve put thought into your style, yet it’s quietly refined so that you appear unassuming. The textured medium-length hairstyle transcends style boundaries, working well for the professional who wants to come across as a regular guy, an intelligent man and a charming individual all at once.

What it says about you: You have an intricately simple approach to style; you like to be in vogue, but moderately so.

Sung Kang - Credit:
Layered shoulder length

For those who like a mainstream, preppy look, ask the barber to cut layers into your shoulder-length hair: You’ll look polished and put-together. Classically contemporary, this haircut indicates a playful, youthful zeal toward fashion. Take a look at Sung Kang, for example: He pulls this look off with perfection, proving that longer haircuts can be chic and masculine. When trying to achieve this look, use Kang as your guide. His well-groomed locks affirm his attentiveness to style, but the rigid edges make it clear that he’s not 100% “pretty boy.” That’s exactly the statement you want to make. Layered shoulder-length hair not only seems sharp and urbane, but also appears smooth and worldly. A style conveying a sophisticated paradox that works beautifully with a trendy, finished, up-to-the-minute wardrobe.

What it says about you: You’re not afraid to make an investment in your style; you approach the world around you with a classic, up-tempo regard.

hair stylings

Given the nature of your hair, you have endless opportunities to don several cutting-edge hairstyles. Assess your wardrobe and your sense of style and figure out which of these great ‘dos work for you. And the next time you hit the barber’s chair, make a bold decision to take your hairstyle in a new direction. Remember: The potential is there, you just have to tap it.

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  • 1 Anon // May 14, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Hmm, i never really considered Asian men as frontrunners in hairstyles. They all seem to have the same thin/fine-straight haircut.

  • 2 Eurasian Sensation // Jun 27, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    I’m proudly rockin’ the “Mark Dacascos” hairstyle. I can’t say its really something I chose though – I think nature chose it for me when I hit my mid-20s and I just had to run with it.

  • 3 got-rice // Oct 11, 2009 at 3:31 pm

    still cutting it with the “fade” lol.

  • 4 lala_row // Dec 15, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    shaggy faux hawk lol

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  • 6 mosic // Feb 15, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    I don’t like their hairtype!

  • 7 matteo // Feb 15, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    Oh! man! It’ s really ugly!

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