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Asian American International Film Festival

Posted June 17th, 2009 by Peter · 4 Comments

If you’re in the New York area, check out the AAIFF’s fundraising event next tuesday!


NEW YORK (June 16, 2009) — Asian CineVision will hold the Asian American International Film Festival Kick-off and Fundraiser event on Tuesday, June 23, at BLVD, 199 Bowery. The Festival’s full film lineup, including special presentations, will be unveiled as part of the festivities. The event will be hosted by FOX5 News Reporter Julie Chang and will feature musical performances by Heather Park and other special guests. The main event, from 7:00-9:00 p.m., will be preceded by a V.I.P. Hour. Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards supporting this year’s film festival, to be held July 23-26.

Come meet local filmmakers whose work will be screening at AAIFF ’09. All of the festival organizers will be in attendance as well. Celebrate with us and help us continue to serve up and coming media artists from the Asian American community. Advance sale tickets are $20 for general admission ($30 with V.I.P. Hour). Admission at the door will be $25 for general admission ($40 with V.I.P. Hour). For more information, please visit http://www.aaiff. org/2009/06/09/aaiff09-fundraiserkick-off/.

Hope you can make it!

For a list of the films to be shown, go here.

Asian CineVision (ACV) announced today the short films selected to screen at the 32nd Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF), which will feature 50 films either about the Asian community or created by artists of Asian descent. The selection, which is comprised of short films from ten different countries, includes seven world premieres, two international premieres, and ten New York premieres.

“We are excited by the continued growth of the Asian American film community and are especially pleased to see new work by veteran filmmakers” said AAIFF Program Manager Martha Tien. The line-up includes J.P. Chan’s I Don’t Sleep I Dream, Emily Chang & Daniel De Lorenzo’s co-directed The Humberville Poetry Slam, and international filmmaker Ying Liang’s new short film I Love Lakers.

Six thematic programs cover a range of issues relevant to both the Asian American community and the general public. The 2009 festival heavily features shorts filmed locally in New York and also includes a program showcasing ten short films by flimmakers under the age of 21. AAIFF will run July 23 to 26 in New York City. Shorts programs will be screened at the newly renovated Museum of Chinese in America. The full shorts program follows:

Fun and Fantasy
Films that capture the whimsical, supernatural, and unexpected sides of our fantastical world.

Civilian directed by Seaton Lin (USA)
World Premiere of
The Call Center directed by Rumana Huq (USA)
Fate Scores
directed by Albert M. Chan (Canada)
The Humberville Poetry Slam
directed by Daniel De Lorenzo & Emily Chang (USA)
World Premiere of
Take Out directed by Gerry Kim (USA)
I Don’t Sleep I Dream
directed by J.P. Chan (USA)
Walking While Sleeping
directed by Han Lee (Taiwan)
directed by YuYing Chien (USA)
My Four Inch Precious
directed by Sou Yun Sim (USA)

Love, Lust & Desire
A journey into the hearts and minds of women who must challenge gender roles in the face of hardship.

The Eighteenth Birthday Party directed by Ching-Shen Chuang (Taiwan)
International Premiere of
Aquarium directed by Motoko Shimizu (Australia)
The Perfect Woman
directed by Anthony Ma (USA)
directed by Jon Maxwell (USA)
Like Crazy (à la folie)
directed by Sanif Olek (Singapore)
Best Korean Girl (Om Tchin A)
directed by Paula Un Mi Kim (Brazil / South Korea)

Family Matters
Films that expose family members in moments of change and explores the motions of their growth as well as their dissolution.

World Premiere of Tatang directed by Jean Paolo (Nico) Hernandez (Philippines)
International Premiere of
I Love Lakers directed by Ying Liang (China)
Arithmetic Lesson
directed by Wenhwa Ts’ao (USA)
World Premiere of
Tiger directed by Wing-Yee Wu (USA)
Family Viewing (Séance Familiale)
directed by Cheng-Chui Kuo (France/Taiwan)

Here…Look at Me
Stories of individuals and communities whose identities reveal as much about their environments as they do about themselves.

World Premiere of Fragmented Identities directed by Stevan Mraovitch (USA)
Witness to Hiroshima
directed by Kathy Sloane (USA)
Incongruent Body
directed by Jian Lee (USA)
Beautiful Sisters
directed by Connie Chung (USA)
Red, Yellow, and Blue
directed by Changhee Chun (South Korea/USA)
You Can Call me Nikkie
directed by Irene Herrera (Japan)
World Premier of
I Want to be a Desi 2 directed by Allan Tong (Canada)
State of Yo
directed by Jason Karman (Canada)
Waiting for a Train
directed by Oscar Bucher (USA)

Home is Where the Heart Is
Immigrants in these shorts reconcile their places in the new world with their foundations in the old.

The Veiled Commodity directed by Dickson Chow & Vinh Chung (Canada/USA)
A Green Mountain in the Drawer
directed by Hwa Jun Lee (South Korea/USA)
World Premiere of
20 30 40 directed by Mei-Yu Lee (USA)
Here to Stay
directed by ManSee Kong (USA)
World Premiere of
Lower East Side: An Endangered Place directed by MA Shumin (USA)

Life on the Edge
This series of documentaries highlights the lives of those who stand up for the displaced, the marginalized, and the silenced.

Crossing Midnight directed by Kim Snyder (USA)
A Song For Ourselves
directed by Tadashi Nakamura (USA)
World Premiere of
Story of a Businesswoman directed by Mikiko Sasaki (USA)
No Joke Burma
directed by Li-Anne Huang (Singapore)

For Youth By Youth
Filmmakers under the age of 21 provide fresh perspectives in documenting the issues surrounding them.

Vote for Change directed by Clin Xu (USA)
America’s Next Top Immigrant
directed by Natacha, Sarah, Corina, Jean, Teddy, Daichka, Tatiana (USA)
Free Matt Wong
directed by Akio Mitsunaga (USA)
That Ain’t Right
directed by Rayhan Islam & Ericka Vasquez (USA)
Ayi’s Story
directed by Iemi Hernandez-Kim (USA)
Ladies in Armor
directed by Masami Kubo (USA)
Napua Ilima ‘O Kehaulani
directed by Ryan Medel (USA)
Dick, Dick & Jane: The Modern American Family
directed by Mari Jacobson (USA)
Beautify Our Town
directed by Bingie Huang (USA)
directed by Nancy Huang (USA)

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