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Entries from February 2010

Open Dialogue: Northern vs. Southern Asians

Posted February 20th, 2010 by Peter · 19 Comments

Vannie Sung’s latest submission is about latitudinal differences between Asians in their own countries. There is definitely a divide that keeps Asians everywhere (especially in areas torn by war and ideology) from achieving true unity because they are so caught up in upholding their own cultural identities. Vannie poses a larger question at the end– [...]

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Happy Lunar New Years 2010!

Posted February 13th, 2010 by Peter · 6 Comments

Happy Lunar New Years 2010, the 4707th one in recorded history! It’s about that time again! This years’ Lunar New Years festivities will wrap up on the 15th of February, which means the largest celebrations known to Asian people (with Han-Chinese connection) will be going on as well. Join us today on SAPL as we [...]

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Year of the Tiger 2010 Community Reception – Presented by Coca-Cola and Target

Posted February 5th, 2010 by Peter · 7 Comments

Hello SAPL and AC Family! I am proud to have been invited as a prominent Asian blogger to Coca-Cola and Target’s inaugural Community Reception for the Year of the Tiger 2010. It shows how much of a voice we have given you, our readers, in the past 3 years. Before, there was no site that [...]

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