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Open Topic: Duke Basketball

Posted April 1st, 2010 by Peter · 6 Comments

As the dust settles on March Madness, many are starting to profess their love for their favorite college basketball teams. In fact, David notes:


“Duke basketball definitely has a HUGE following among Chinese and Koreans. Back where I’m at, it seems like all the Asians are rooting for Duke. All the white people are rooting against Duke, but every Asian i know wants Duke to win it all.

Coincidentally, Duke is the only “elite” academic school to survive the NCAA final four this year.

It’s also funny that every time I watch Duke play basketball on TV, they always like to pan to a bunch of Asian nerds and dorks in blue and white makeup or body paint, trying to look “cool” and be part of the school spirit, only they look like Asian dorks!!! i see that a lot w/ Cal football — nerdy Asian dorks wearing body paint and trying to show their school spirit in an attempt to look “cool.”

It seems like unless you’re a duke alum, the only people who are rooting for Duke to win are Asians. White, blacks, and hispanics want Duke to fail!!!

(Back to SAPL) Being from Cal, I do see a lot of bandwagon football following amongst the Asian crowds in order to: 1. Fit in or 2. Do something else besides program (I’m being facetious by the way).

Do you agree with David’s statements?

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