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Dinh’s FF Squad Videos – AsianInvasion!

Posted May 11th, 2010 by Peter · 1 Comment

Hi SAPL Family! I just wanted to take this opportunity to do a little shout out for another rising Asian-American, Dinh. He’s been working on some amazing racing videos!

FF Squad is a grassroots group of friends who build and race their Hondas just for the love it. Chinese-American director Dinh recently shot, directed, and edited a 2 minute video portraying a day in the life of the FF Squad. The video has received an unexpected amount of praise and attention, triggering the online tuner community asking for more. He plans to bring more of these inspirational videos about avergage Joes and their extraordinary desire for racing. Dinh is based in Los Angeles and is represented by BRW USA (

Check out some of their videos below:


And their first video:

Best of Luck, Dinh!

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