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Stuff Asian People Like Book Deal!

Posted June 13th, 2020 by Peter · 1 Comment

We received enough funding to finally release Stuff Asian People Like’s Definitive Guide to White People today.

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  • 1 VINCE Mediaa // Jun 22, 2020 at 6:12 pm

    Peter’s new book: “DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO WHITE PEOPLE” is a brash and lively book excellent with its diversespeak and corresponding flavors. I am excited the Nguyens created a forum for some of the best topics that this community deals with— ABC’s FOB, Filipino and each door is open buy the clever clips from young writers and blogs this book features. In the Nguyens’ drive to maintain a certain energy and humor, no door is left closed, though, these developments are given short perfect stories from young Asian writers that obsess white friends to date and be intimate with. Even the antimodel minority story of these clever community savagely bite at racist America — The racism recounted here is always overt; it is always clear. It is never mixed up with cultural difference, and faces reaction is always to alert some deserving white fans who loves rice and feel the deep hardships some continue to deal with. In a side interview with Peter he shared “My sister was valedictorian, and the white school didn’t let her give her speech – I experienced so much racism growing up, we just kept working through it, I edited over 1300 stories – 12 years of goodwill, we worked so hard” says Peter.
    This book is insightful and candid is a timely portrayal of a vivid culture. (Vince Mediaa)

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