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#B Busting the Stereotype: Asians Can’t Sing

Define Stereotype: A simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group.  –

As we’re trying to simply explain how and why certain stereotypes about Asians exist through lighthearted humor, we are by no means endorsing them.  We always try to make clear our mission.  To balance the beam and hear the ‘other side” of the argument, Stuff Asian People Like is starting a series called ‘Busting the Stereotype” and we need your participation!  Thanks for all your comments for last week.  Each week we will list a stereotype about Asians and if you are living proof that it’s not true, please post a comment.  If you know someone that’s living proof, refer them to comment.

This week’s stereotype is ‘Asians Can’t Sing.’

1. If you are Asian and can sing, post a comment, and that basically counts as a vote against it.  Youtube and imeem files are welcome and will be featured.
2. If you are Asian and can’t sing, post a comment.  Youtube and imeem files are welcome and will be featured.
3. Both sides, do you agree with the stereotype that most Asians can’t sing?  What are your thoughts and how do you feel about this stereotype?
4. Here are some guidelines to determine if you can or cannot sing: if ever in your life, people have told you enough times you’re good, then that might be a good indication.  If people cringe when you want to sing or have told you politely to stop, hehe, then you’ll know.

We will then keep a running tab of which stereotypes are ‘busted” the most.  Thanks for your continual support of the Stuff Asian People Like Project!

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