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Stuff Cambodian People Like List

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  • 1 asian4 // Mar 6, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    You know you’re Cambodian when…
    * You think you are the king of gambler but lose all your money like the other ones.
    * You gamble with no strategy in the casino like a chick with no head
    * People think you’re Paki or Indu
    * You wonder why all other Asian ethnicity hate you
    * You are racist with white people
    * You are really embarrassed when some white folks ask you serious questions about Buddhism because you don’t know anything about it
    * You like Jet Li, Jakie Chan, Bruce Lee but you don’t know who are Li Lian Jie, Chen Long, Li Siu long
    * If you ask someone “do you want to stay with us for the dinner you really want the person stay for eat”
    * You think you only have to wear expensive clothes to have class
    * You hate white people even if you are in their country
    * You think it’s the white who have to follow your own rules
    * You try to use every word of the ebonic slang but you look ridiculous
    * You really think that the more gold you wear the more chicks you get
    * You called white men foreigner in their own country
    * You call all white people Frenchmen
    * You go to the temple because you think you’ll meet good girls there but most of the girls who go there are bad girls who want to prove there family and community they are clean good girls
    * You don’t even know that angor wat was not a Buddhist temple at first
    * You claim to be Buddhist but don’t know anything about it
    * Your favorite past time is talking behind the back of people even your own family
    * You show no respect to the country your living in
    * When some people ask you where were you or which side you fought in the Khmer rouge time you are embarrassed and you don’t answer
    * You often see ex-Khmer rouge war criminals, who still have blood of Khmer people on there hand ,who passed as refugee and now are in America or Canada, but don’t do anything about it
    * You think Buddha is sort a god that can make you win money at the lottery or casino
    * You young folks claim Asian pride! But Mr. bean is more Asian

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