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Featured Submission: The Passive Stereotype

Posted September 25th, 2009 by Peter · 5 Comments

This is a submission about Asian Passiveness from our guest writer, Vannie Sung. We here in the SAPL Family hope you enjoy it and (hopefully) can relate! Bowing is part of our culture- it’s a sign language for politeness, deference, and respect. A week ago, I had witnessed a store owner wrongfully accusing a mother’s [...]

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#125 Hand-Me-Downs

Posted September 19th, 2009 by Peter · 12 Comments

One submission we at SAPL particularly agreed upon this week was suggested by Kat, who says that Asians like: “second-hand things. Or third/fourth-hand sometimes.  I’ve grown up wearing hand-me downs from unknown family friends and relatives.  And after 7 years, I try to donate them since I haven’t touched them in so long, and my [...]

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#115 Faking Obliviousness

Posted April 25th, 2009 by Peter · 17 Comments

Lauren says: May I suggest a post about, “Pretending Not To Understand White People Speaking Asian Languages” And, you know, I wonder if it’s only the Chinese who indulge in this pastime, or if other Asians are on board? Thanks for the submission, Lauren. Here are a couple of reasons why Asians pretend to be [...]

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#113 Nike Shoes

Posted March 28th, 2009 by Peter · 18 Comments

Nickster says: “I walk around and every single Asian I see are rocking Nike SB’s. What’s up with that? I thought we would like something more Asian than skate shoes.” For as long as Asians have been raising Peace Signs and racing Rice Rockets, they’ve been wearing Nike Shoes. How it it that this Pacific-Northwestern [...]

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