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#88 Numbers (8-8-08)

Posted August 8th, 2008 by Shaun · 28 Comments

Just in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Shaun’s much anticipated “Numbers” post is finally unveiled. If you’ve ever had a thought about why the Olympics this year are starting on August 8th, 2008 (8-8-08) at 8.08.08 pm, this post is just what you needed. For over 4 thousand years, Asians have had a love [...]

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#81 National Scatology

Posted July 8th, 2008 by Peter · 14 Comments

Disclaimer: Excuse the language, this was an article suggested by one of our loyal readers. This post is better suited at the Korean crowd. Enjoy. One of Korean school kids’ favourite games is 똥침, or ‘ddong ch’im,” which translates roughly as ‘shit needle.” It’s not complicated; all you do is run around with your two [...]

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Feature: What Type of Asian Are You?

Posted May 27th, 2008 by Peter · 87 Comments

Mr. Gary Lee has a fascinating post for Asians and those close to Asians. I came across this one while researching why Asians are so darn into techno and rave. Any suggestions are welcome. Young Asians in America come in many forms. Below are the major categories. Most Asians fit into multiple groups. For example, [...]

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#59 Pale Skin

Posted April 15th, 2008 by Peter · 201 Comments

“The paler the skin, the higher the class. That is why most Asian women will bust their ass.” -Anonymous For the longest time, women, in general, have attempted to whiten their facial skin. In fact, most cultures considered women with the whitest skin the most beautiful, bringing forth the need for cosmetics. That was the [...]

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