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Stuff Korean People Like List

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  • 1 asian4 // Mar 6, 2008 at 4:17 pm


    133. Instead of taking just one, your mom takes a stack of napkins to go and use later
    132. Your parents eat kimchee with their spaghetti

    131. If your mom is super submissive, has that Korean “guilt” thing or nags on a regular basis

    130. If you go to your local Korean market, and they are selling state of the art toilet seat bidehs next to the bags of rice and it doesn’t phase you as being really weird.

    129. If there’s a shoehorn by the front door and your mom wears SAS shoes

    128. When you ask if they need help, and they say no, but they really mean “yes! don’t ask, just do it”.

    127. When you do something wrong, and your dad gives you that death stare along with the hissing sound, then starts mumbling something under his breath.

    126. If your parents don’t realize they’re flipping people the bird whenever they point at something. (from Joe Lee)

    125. At restaurants, if their food doesn’t taste as good as the last time when they had it, it your parents conclude that there must have been a change in “joo-een” (manager/owner) (From Daniel Kim)

    124. Your parents’ closets smell like moth balls (from Christina Moon)

    123. Your parents have told you that you will die in the middle of the night if you leave the fan on running….

    122. Your parents ALWAYS want you to stay home and not go out – read a book instead, etc.

    121. You had to drink “han yahk” before when you were sick (almost puking at the smell…)

    120. For punishment they’ve made you go on your knees and raise your hands up high, or they made you stick your hands out so they can smack them…or beating….usually for disrespecting them unintentionally or talking back….ouch….ahyahyah.

    119. you can haggle like noone’s business (you most likely learned it from watching your mom/grandmother)

    118. you started studying for the SATs in 7th grade

    117. your parents sent you to the Korean government sponsored “gyopo” summer camp in Korea to “learn about your roots” (little did they know it was just a big meet market/hookupfest)

    116. you’re fluent in “Konglish”. (Appah, can I borrow your cha tonight so I can go to the noraebang?)

    115. your parents have always discouraged any interaction with the opposite sex, but the day after you graduated from college, they started badgering you about when you were going to get married

    114. you actually like daenjang jigae and can tolerate the smell

    113. no soft mesh body sponges for you – you shower with the painful, sandpapery “italy towel”.

    112. When your parents wave for you to come over, they wave down towards them.

    111. …if your parents carefully opens the gift wrap so that they can save it and someday use it on someone else’s gift (this one is courtesy of David Byun..thx David!)
    110. You have an aunt (emo) that always slips you a $100 bill when they see you. They try to do it discreetly too which makes it all super secretive but then your mom sees and says “aii…uhnee” and your aunt goes “ah..tehsuh..tehsuh..”
    109. Your mom has mixed raw egg with soy sauce and rice for you to eat as a kid

    107. You’ve eaten raw ramen noodles as a snack – Sapporo Ichiban – the red packet

    106. When someone in your family drives a Toyota or Honda (usually with a box of tissue somewhere in the car, like in the back window)

    105. Grandmothers/moms use pots and pans as noisemakers – hitting them with metal spatulas and such – when rooting for their church volleyball team to win…or any sport.

    104. Your mom packs food in a napkin before leaving the casino buffet (muffin…fried chicken…) (from John Nahm!)

    103. You’ve had a bowl cut at some point in your life.

    102. Your mom has short-permed hair

    101. You’re a girl and you’ve put tape on your eyes before to make “sanguhpuhr” or…perhaps you just got the surgery done.

    100. You have had a piece of rice stuck to your shirt or hair before

    99. You’ve been called an “Ee-nuhm-uhn-jai-sheik” or “Kai-she-nah” by your parents many times in your life

    98. You eat seaweed soup on your bday prepared by your uhmah!

    97. When you or guests are leaving your parents’ house, they wait for you to get into the car and leave before they go back in the house. Won’t close the door, until you’re gone. Doesn’t matter if it’s freezing cold outside…they’ll linger and wait until you’re gone first before they go back in the house.

    96. I like….flat butts and i cannot lie! Your mom has a flat butt which is usually covered by Korean brand polyester pants.

    95. Your parents always eat some sort of fruit for dessert…apples, asian pear, oranges…and your mom peels the apple skin, the core and slices it into “crescent” shape pieces.

    94. you just love, love, love them korean faux fur blankets.

    93. There is some piece of Korean furniture in the house somewhere like a folding korean table or a black ebony chest with cranes all over it.

    92. Your mom has bulk packs of Korean nylon knee high stockings – and wears them with sandals

    91. Your parents put Salon-pas or Ben-Gay on their aching bodies. When your dad or mom is sick, they put a wet washcloth on their forehead.

    90. Your parents never drink water (except soju and other alcoholic beverage) until they finish eating their meal, no matter how heavy the meal is. Now that I think of it, they don’t even have water pitcher or cups out until they’ve finished with their meal. Actually, forget cups, they just pour the water in their rice bowls to drink it up. (from Chun Shin)

    89. Your parents only buy thousand island dressing and think it’s the only dressing that tastes good

    88. When you’re out eating with an older brother or sister, they usually pay for your meal.

    87. When you were younger and at a restaurant with another korean family, your parents would fight over the bill…usually the dads…they start grabbing it out of the hand and/or try to pay and the other one pulls him down going …”ah yai..yai..yai…”. sometimes this back and forth process will take 15 min. – everyone else waiting until the parents duke it out and pay.

    86. You open the refrigerator door, and fall back – potent!

    85. Your parents are tired, so they do the kimchee squat wherever they’re at.

    84. At church retreats, you eat kimchee bowls at like 11:00 pm with everyone. you know what chappegetti, sapporo ichiban and neoguri are….one or the other are always in the kitchen cabinet.

    83. You have one of those asian fruity purple/orange/blue whatever color car fresheners in your car

    82. Your parents never paid for napkins…they just took a whole stack from mcdonald’s, restaurants…etc.

    81. When you were in trouble, your dad/mom tried to hit you with their korean slipper from the kitchen, rolled up korean newspaper or your dad’s shoehorn (the slippers didn’t really hurt)

    80. You’re a girl – when you go to the Hello Kitty store you still want to buy everything no matter what your age (you still have and use cute pencils, pens, korean/japanese stationary)

    79. No matter how wealthy your family is or isn’t, they never waste or throw away food; after you’re done eating and completely full, you mom says “that’s it? eat some more!” as she gives you a 3rd plate of food/rice

    78. Someone in your close circle of friends is named John, Paul, David, Peter, Esther, Susan or Jenny Lee/Kim….actually, quite a few of them are named that.

    77. You can’t eat ramen without kimchee or bap. And if you have to b/c you ran out, you feel like something’s missing.

    76. You hit someone sitting next to you from laughing so hard. In fact, you SILENT laugh while hitting.

    75. You play guitar, violin, or piano

    74. Failure means telling your parents you are not going to be a doctor but feel called to go to seminary instead to be a mok-sah-neem. Watch out while the rage begins – “Nuh Mee Juh Suh!!!!”

    73. Your parents have lived in the U.S. for 20 years+ but they mainly speak Korean. In fact, one of them doesn’t speak English at all.

    72. You hated eating Korean food in high school (preferably going to get American food with friends). Now that your out of the house, you crave Korean food all the time!

    71. Your dad is always on the couch after work, quietly reading the Korean newspaper or watching the Korean news/videos.

    70. The Korean newspaper is the 2nd bible to your parents.

    69. Your mom knows a friend, who had a friend, who had a friend….that something bad happened to therefore, you need to listen to your parents and do as they tell you althought there is no logical connection whatsoever to the story they just told you (usually that “friend” is just a news article they read from the Korean newspaper)

    68. Your dad would explode and yell with a passion about once every few months or year. The rest of the time, he’s quietly reading the newspaper.

    67. Your mom works more than full-time, cleans, cooks homemade meals, sews, serves, is always go, go, go and worries so much that she nags you about what you’re going to do with your life. Your dad has never cooked or washed dishes in the kitchen but man, when it’s time to grill that kalbi….he’s all over that!

    66. You communicate through your mom what you need to tell your dad and vice-versa

    65. Even in college, when you have large group get togethers, the girls are in the kitchen preparing the food, while the guys stay in the living room hanging out.

    64. Even though you are a gifted artist, you know the only professions that exists for you are in medicine/business/computers or law.

    63. Most Korean girls you know are teachers, pharmacists or nurses

    62. Most Korean guys you know are accountants, IT/Engineering, doctors, lawyers or Seminarians

    61. Your mom always dresses up when going out of the house. At home, she dresses like a homeless woman wearing your old clothes/sweats and mismatching.

    60. In high school, you get depressed when you get a bad grade, evaluating the existence of your whole life and wondering if you’ll ever amount to anything

    59. When playing large group games, embarrassing and targeting someone in front of the whole group for ridicule pleasure is fun and normal…in fact, he/she probably likes the attention

    58. Writing your name with your butt, sizzling like a bacon, getting your wrists hit by other people’s swinging fingers and the guys’ version of “motorcycle” are all normal behaviors to you

    56. When eating a grilled fish, your mom eats the fishhead and eyeballs like it’s filet mignon

    55. On special occasions, your parents will go to a Chinese restaurant where they won’t have Americanized Chinese food, but “Fear Factor” Chinese food (E.g. jellyfish, shark fin soup). You’re disgusted, starving and think their weird for eating it. Your parents are happy, delighted and think you’re weird for not eating it.

    54. Your parents are part of some sort of social group. It usually involves secret group money collecting/exchange.

    53. Getting toilet paper, toothpaste, or any highly practical item is an appropriate and wise prize during team games

    52. When you’re around non-Asian people, you stop using slang words, start enunciating your words and start using proper grammar/English or just stand there remaining silent thus adding to the already quiet Asian stereotype. When you’re with your Korean friends, you’re a whole new personality.

    51. Where you’re at a church retreat, skits are your favorite part and there’s always a dance-off or breakdancing of some sort.

    50. Your parents have embarrassed you in public before by their mannerisms (dad yelling too loud “Eun Jung AHHHH!!! YUH-GEE-WAH!!!”, parents swearing in broken English at another driver)

    49. You only know the first line of the Korean National Anthem and sing it “Dong Heh Muhr Nah…” and then stop b/c you don’t know the rest of the words.

    48. If you’re a girl, when talking to someone of the opposite sex, your voice gets higher, pitchier, whinnier, with a lot of fake giggling…E.g. “Ah, oPaHhhhhhhhhh!!! giggle….soft fake hit on the arm”

    47. If you’re a guy, when you’re with your friends, you play basketball or massive multiplayer video games for fun.

    45. When you go to the beach for a bbq, camping or an amusement park, your parents bring the 3 golden Ks – kimchee, kalbi, kimbab

    44. Parking lot syndrome. This is quickly broken when someone suggests you guys get some boba.

    43. You have name-brand style….mad style…more so than other asians (except perhaps the japanese who are bit funkier in a weird way.) Music/talents/dramas from Korea highly influence you.

    42. If you are a girl, you spend $150-$250 getting a straight pah-mah to make your hair look “naturally” straight.

    41. Even though you really wanted to go to UCLA, your mom finds your Berkeley acceptance letter and mails it out behind your back confirming you’ll go there. (true story!)

    40. When you’re around your parents, you tone changes and you speak like a baby or little kid “Uhhhhh-MMMMMaaaaahhhhHHHHH! Nah beh goo pahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”

    39. When you’re around your parents, they treat you like a little kid/baby and like you don’t know anything or have been anywhere.

    38. If you are a girl, you have had a crush on the praise leader (Godly, talented, well-dressed, great voice, smart, romantic)

    37. If you are a guy, you dream of a girl like the one in the korean video (perfect, cute, serving, fun, passionate, tender)

    36. For those who can relate to #37 and #38, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE KIMCHEE CHEE-GEH!!!

    35. You know when your mom’s cooking dang-jang-jee-geh….the minute you open up your front door. Whoo! Potent!

    34. Your dad or mom planted something in your front yard, backyard, wherever there’s dirt – they’ll plant and grow. Lettuce? Corn? Something…

    33. You are so artistic that when you go to different stores and see something you like, you naturally think “I can make this. Cheaper too.” (I think Koreans are highly creative and artistic!)

    32. You get excited when someone suggests playing korean group games. You just love them Korean group games!!! Never a dull moment…

    31. Your church parking lot has more Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes cars than the local dealership

    30. Eating on the floor with no chairs is considered normal when with a big group of people.

    29. If someone walks into a room/house with shoes on, it makes you highly uncomfortable and nervous.

    28. Your parents are looking for a toothpick after they’ve eaten at a restaurant. When they find one, they cover their mouths with one hand while picking their teeth with the other.

    27. Your parents have lived in the U.S. for over 20+ years, and they still don’t vote.

    26. You used to lie to your parents in high school telling them you were going to the library when in fact, you were really going out with your friends. (heehee)

    25. Three types of Korean girls – the k-town l.a. club scene girl, the goodie/holy try to act super cute modestly dressed church girl, and the ones that no one really pays attention to.

    24. Three types of Korean guys – the bad boy gangsta wannabee, the best all-around good looking worship/church leader that all the girls have crushes on and think that’s the guy for them, the nice, ordinary guys that get easily overlooked

    23. When your mom cooks, she never measures anything. And when you ask her how much you should put it in…she says “ah…you know. a little bit here. a little there. just taste.”

    22. When you like a guy/girl, you make him a praise mix or write encouraging letters on cute asian stationary (which includes the mandatory scripture verse)

    21. A kid gets into an Ivy League school and their parents are touted as being the greatest parents ever!

    20. Your mom puts potato salad in between two slices of bread

    19. Your parents have a professional karoake machine complete with a rotating disco ball; you hate it when it’s your mom or dad’s turn to sing b/c they sing these whiny korean folk songs with electronic background music.

    18. Your parents have a free calendar hung on their wall from church or the local Korean market.

    17. Your mom randomly tells you what their friends’ kids have done, especially if they did something good for their parents. You feel like they are comparing you to them..which they are.

    16. A date night for your parents, is lying in the electronic heated blanket with thick puffy faux fur korean blankets in the living room watching Korean videos.

    15. When going to the beach with your mom, she’s covered from head to toe with her 10-inch sun visor, her robotech sunglasses, lightweight jackets and such. In fact, they will most likely drive to the beach, look at the water, say “Cho-TAH!!!” and then drive back home after one hour.

    14. If your parents call you “Kah-She-Nah” or “Jai-Sheik” if you haven’t called them in over a week and then feel guilty about it

    13. While watching a korean drama, you had an epiphany and realized your parents’ loud voice level was just normal.

    12. You’ve washed your hair in a river before on some road trip when you were a little kid

    11. You’ve never seen your parents kiss

    10. When you were in 1st grade, your parents used rice instead of buying Elmer’s glue

    9. Your mom has a collection of empty kimchee jars for future use, big rubber basins in the backyard for making kimchee, a gallon of koh-joo-jang and a 20lb bag of rice. Your dad will even comment on the koh-joo-jang or kim being really good b/c it’s from korea but you can’t tell the difference.

    8. You wash your dishes by hand (only using the dishwasher on special occasions)

    7. Your parents rarely show teeth or have big smiles in pictures

    6. You get straight A’s on your report card with one A- or B+ . Your parents are really worried about the A- or B+, say do better next time and pray about it.

    5. You know you have to marry a Korean. They don’t even have to say it. You just know. (Unless MAYBE if the guy’s super rich and Chinese)

    4. Your mom keeps her rubberbands around the kitchen sink faucet handles

    3. Your mom uses water and an old rag to clean everything

    2. Your mom has a bag of frozen anchovies (meh-duh-chee) in the freezer

    1. Your mom has a drawer in the kitchen that has everything – messy and unorganized – gum, tape, packets of ketchup, safety pin

  • 2 s // Mar 7, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    you spit in your ashtray

  • 3 joe // Mar 7, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    How ‘white’ are Korean people?

  • 4 Anonymous // Mar 8, 2008 at 11:29 am

    you have a leather couch/leather couches

  • 5 dave // Mar 9, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    have ketchup/soy sauce packets in a large zip lock bag in the fridge.

    have tons of plastic containers from take out. when asked why she saves them, my mom said they are for packing food for people when they come over.

    you have a kimchi fridge.

    you have a ton of those crazy slippers that really hurt to wear but apparently are good for you.

    regarding golf, going to the driving range is more fun than going out on the course. you have to get the latest greatest equipment. if you golf with older koreans, they will give you advice/tips and you have to pay attention and listen even though you are clearly a better golfer.

    your mom does the half walk/half jog shuffle.

    you have a plethora of health related gadgets at home that are actually quite expensive but do not work at all. included are silly exercise machines, disgusting and potent drinks, massagers that look like medieval torture devices, etc…

    if you say it’s related to learning/education/school, your parents will get it for you instantly and you’ve exploited this fact.

    you have an aloe vera plant in your house.

    tap water is unhealthy so you have an unbelivably complex water purifying system in your kitchen.

  • 6 Steph // Mar 13, 2008 at 12:37 am

    You know what ddaemiri is.

  • 7 whitesrl // Mar 14, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    I am white and so much of this sounds like 50s US. Is that because of the Christian thing?

  • 8 Marriedtokorea // Mar 27, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    When a male baby is in the room, the women will grab his crotch and say “Chagi” This phases no one.

  • 9 Anonymous // Mar 28, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    At a restaurant, there’s a bottle of TABASCO.

  • 10 ohjingohbokeum // Mar 29, 2008 at 9:27 pm

    Stuff Korean People Like:



  • 11 sarasize // Apr 8, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    Koreans love Kimchi

  • 12 James Chang // Apr 8, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    There are some cultural difference. You have to understand clearly your mom and dad who they are ,and think with positive attitude .
    otherwise, you will be looser.

    I read and you make me funny.
    THis kind of sterotype thinking is not health for you who wrote this.

  • 13 Mrs. Kim Junsu // May 4, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    When you go to McDonald’s, parents always grab a TON of ketchup packets, use a few, and then take home the rest.
    If your parents are bilingual and speak both korean AND english, if they get angry, they will yell in korea and say “Aish!” or “Aigoo!” afterwards.
    When parents call you down for dinner, they don’t go up and get you. They walk to the stairs, stop, and yell “YAH! BAP MOK CHA!” up the stairs.
    You have 2 refridgerators-one inside the kitchen and one older one outside in the garage, which smells strongly of kimchee.
    You take gotchujang, mix it with bap and eat it as a snack.
    People come up to you and say “Can you see at all?”
    When guests come over for dinner, your parents clean and dust the ENTIRE house (even UPstairs!) and then prepare too much food.

  • 14 Perfect // Jun 27, 2008 at 11:19 am

    —Christian identity (though their actions may not be truly Christian)
    —Not being interested in politics, or anything really, outside of their own personal/family lives.
    —Voting Republican if they do happen to have, by some fluke, registered to vote.
    —Social conservatism, even a lot of the younger ones.
    —Criticizing, nagging, being judgmental, controlling, manipulative.
    —Caring only about outward physical appearances. Commenting on how fat, thin you are. Pointing out moles/sun spots on your face and telling you they know someone who can get rid of them.
    —Taking credit for their kids’ accomplishments, and generally, living through their kids.
    —Disowning their kids if they disappoint them.
    —Arguing constantly. Getting physically violent in hysterical ways.
    —Giving orders to their kids.
    —Not knowing how to have conversations.
    —Not knowing how to have fun.
    —Group activities, like going on bus tours all together. They will bring along a supply of ramen and kimchi on their European bus tour vacations.
    —Bad table manners. Nice, “respectably” got up matrons in ugly Burberry clothes with ugly perms will chew/talk with their mouths open, pick their teeth, fart at the table.
    —Spending a fortune on their cars but being cheapskates in other circumstances.
    —Korean wives driving their husbands crazy with their constant nagging and complaining. In fact, what they love is not patriarchy, but crypto-matriarchy.
    —”Success,” narrowly defined.
    —Education, but not for its own sake. Education and high grades are only for the sake of said “success,” in other words, being able to afford a Lexus and being “respectable.” For example, they don’t value anything in the humanities. They hate liberal arts education.
    —Feeling superior to others.
    —Not knowing how to drink wine or eat cheese.
    —Being socially inept.
    —Emotional blackmail.

    It’s all TRUE!!!!

  • 15 Perfect // Jun 27, 2008 at 11:40 am

    —Being wasteful. Environmentalism? What’s that? Every house has two refrigerators, 3-4 luxury cars, drinks only bottled water, uses lots and lots of paper products, etc. Not knowing anything about the real cost of gas consumption.
    —Stealing, being dishonest. If you give the wrong change back to a Korean (in his/her favor), he/she will keep it!
    —Encouraging their kids to lie to them. They don’t care, as long as what appears on the surface doesn’t “shame” them.
    —Treating their grown adult children like babies, especially their sons.
    —Grown adult children acting like babies around their Korean parents.
    —Spoiling their sons.
    —Children living at home into their 30s-40s and paying for their luxury car insurance.
    —Patronizing only Korean businesses.
    —Hating Kim Dae Jung, former president of Korea.
    —My mom serves little snifters of Korean raspberry dessert wine with bulgogi dinners.
    —Anxiety. Stress. Or at least appearing that way.
    —Hard work. Or at least appearing to work hard all the time.
    —Chain restaurants and buffets. They feel uncomfortable at anything higher.
    —Copying their church friends on everything and comparing their lives with them–redecorating their houses, vacations, cars, clothes.
    —Really ugly designer clothes: Burberry, St. John, Mi Sook, etc.
    —Being obsessed with physical appearances but still looking terrible anyway.
    —Living a boba bubble existence.
    —Knowing nothing about history, literature, philosophy, politics, current events, you name it.
    —Obsessive over-cleanliness. Korean wives/mothers have “housewives’ psychosis.”
    —Being cruel to pets that they keep chained up in the backyard.
    —Shopping at Costco.
    —Being narrow-minded about everything. Anything that doesn’t fit into their boba bubble existence is branded “so strange, I don’t like it.”
    —Giving their very young toddlers “loyalty tests.”

  • 16 Perfect // Jun 27, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    —Thinking that they’re high class, when they’re hopelessly middle middle middle class (and in many other ways prole class).
    —Vulgar, gaudy, or simply bad aesthetic taste. They’re impressed by Las Vegas, the ugly “Persian mansions” in Beverly Hills, big Lexus SUVS, etc.
    —Insisting on serving the older and male members of the family first.
    —Not allowing you to clip your nails in the house, not even over the trash can.
    —If mom isn’t happy, no one in the house is.
    —Saying: “Everybody does it” to rationalize their own behavior, and “You can’t deny reality” while doing precisely that. They think they’re being mainstream and belive they have the force of normality on their side but they’re just being Korean.
    —Being unreasonable. You can’t argue with a Korean, especially a Korean woman/mother/wife. She is ALWAYS right about everything and can’t accept any criticism or questioning of her point of view. Like I said, crypto-matriarchy is where it’s at.
    —Believing they have the right to run their grown children’s lives, especially choosing their spouses for them. Korean parents will never stop ordering their grown kids around and telling them what they should do. It’s just their habitual way of relating to them. They are incapable of having an adult relationship of equality with them. No matter how accomplished you may become, they still think they know better than you, and of course, they won’t have any “backtalk” from you.

    I don’t go with this apologetic, it’s just another/different culture claptrap. Everything I’ve said is true, based on my own personal experience. There are many aspects of Korean and Korean American culture that deserve to be criticized. Just being a cultural relativist is cop out. Culture is just an inherited way of living and doing and thinking things, and some cultures are better than others!!!

    I think it’s better for parents/children and men/women to have an equal relationship, to take an interest in and be open to the outside world, and to not be so materialistic and focused on surface appearances — Sadly, I don’t see must of this kind of thing or awareness in much of Korean culture.

  • 17 confused // Jul 1, 2008 at 10:20 am

    While I understand the facetious nature of this forum, I am a little perplexed as to why we get mad when “others” put us into boxes, yet we seemingly put our own people into these narrow frames.

    Of course, I understand that this website means no harm, but ethnic stereotyping humor does more harm than it does good. The satire and irony is lost upon the masses, and in the end, it does nothing but reinforce ridiculous and bigoted ways to thinking.

    Imagine the backlash that would occur if this site was created by a Caucasian.

  • 18 OHJINGOHBOKEUM // Jul 20, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    Thank you Perfect for good comments. I also understand #17 from “confused”.

    So here’s the thing: Korea went through a hell of a lot in the past hundred years. It was taken over by Japan (with a lot of ensuing cultural genocide, as the Japanese are known for), endured years and years of war, and eventually was split in two. The psychic ramifications of the North/South split are deep and I don’t have the expertise to analyze all of them. But rest assured, it is a HUGE factor in how South Koreans and overseas Koreans behave.

    Then came the post-war boom years. In the past 50 years, and even more so in the past 20 years, South Korea went from a dirt-poor nation of share-croppers for Imperial Japan to a modern so-called “First World” nation with the world’s highest percentage of Internet users and the world’s highest percentage of households with high speed internet access.

    South Koreans and overseas Koreans now have the aforementioned luxury cars, as well as meat every day and status handbags. I think everyone’s still a bit in shock from the events of the past few decades.

    Reunification is on everyone’s minds and no one’s minds. Seoul is a few hours drive from North Korea. In the 70′s they found a massive tunnel being dug under the DMZ from North to South. It was big enough for tanks to drive three abreast and was designed for a large-scale underground military invasion of the South. The idea was to pop up in the middle of downtown Seoul and start killing. And yet this massive megalopolis keeps building, keeps expanding. Just the other day a South Korean tourist ahjumah was shot and killed when she wandered off the approved path in a tourist resort in the North. (The fact that there even exists such a place should give you an idea of how badly Koreans desire reunification.)

    This is not an apologia for modern South and overseas Korean culture. In many ways it is emotionally barren. But this might give you an idea why things are the way they are.

  • 19 joungmin // Sep 19, 2008 at 10:52 am

    In reference to post #94… I think the fake fur blanket is commonly referred to as ‘ ming-ku(mink) dahmnyo’ amongst Koreans.

  • 20 Anonymous // Oct 30, 2008 at 8:57 pm



  • 21 Taras Isoki // Dec 17, 2008 at 1:46 pm


  • 22 john yaya // Jan 28, 2009 at 11:07 am

    a few more
    -having caucasian friends, not because of really being interested in them, but just to impress other Koreans.
    -having only friends that are the same chronological age as you, and being completely unable to relate to the life experience of other people if they are as little as 5 years younger or older, even if they are also Korean.
    -thinking everything is Korean even when it obviously isn’t (like foods with a foreign origin, or even a lot of Korean cars that are basically the same as Japanese models from 3-4 years ago with just cosmetic differences).
    -ppatbingsu (did anyone mention it?)
    -bottling up rage for years behind a facade of social conformity, which then explodes periodically with frightening intensity.
    -dictatorial management style which basically involves 1 person making all key decisions even in huge organizations, changing their mind arbitrarily at the last minute, and presenting subordinates with impossible demands, which they have no choice but to comply with instantly, or else face exclusion and stigmatization, which is worse than death to a Korean.
    -uncritical attitude toward education and new technology. Like, if you’re not dead, you should be studying something (regardless of whether you’re ever going to use it or whether it’s appropriate in your life situation). And like any newer technology should be adopted instantly even if, objectively, it sucks.

    To Perfect: I agree with everything you said. But I hope you can forgive your parents. Because Korean society is very unforgiving and they came out of this environment. Basically being a Korean, in the sense of doing everything the society asks you to do, is impossible. That’s the cause of a lot of the anger in my opinion (see above).

    BTW I am a white dude. But I lived in Korea for 2 years working with, and surrounded by thousands of Koreans every single day. So, I “get it”. And if this sounds too critical, remember this, Korea is an awesome success story. From the middle ages to the high-tech future in only 50 years: this is a record that has seld0m, if ever been matched. And Korea’s a democracy, too, in Asia, that’s no small achievement. So marvel at the eccentricities of Koreans, but don’t forget to give them their props.

  • 23 JeffKim // Feb 3, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    I agree with everything said here.

    It sucks to say, but out of all the asian cultures, Koreans are the most pompous, arrogant, vain, people on the planet.

    many of the girls are nothing more than uninformed, superficial, gold-diggers

    and the most of the guys are angry, insecure, walk-around-like-im-the-best, type of attitude.

    sorry, but its true..

  • 24 baby // Jul 3, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    my sister in law is korean and she is absolutely the fakest female i have met to date. she uses a different voice (soft, girlie) when she’s talking to my brother. she is definitely beautiful but my our “family secret” is she actually got skin bleaching treatment and the slim shape of her face is also fake (plastic surgery). i swear she’s a gold digger and only married my brother for his money. she always acts as if im picking on her when she’s actually SIX years older than me and always starts the fights. she wants my brother to tell people he’s korean when people ask what his background is yet he is fully chinese! she constantly tries to argue with me about how much better korea is than china and was actually shocked when we arrived in beijing, china and had the nerve to say “are you sure we’re not in korea?”. she constantly mentions how korean girls are prettier than chinese girls and how korean girls have bigger eyes when i actually have bigger eyes then her. she whines constantly for my brother to buy her more designer clothes, more, more, more! she’s all nice to my mom and dad but the minute they leave the room starts manipulating my brother that he contacts them too much. how can you contact yur parents too much? she also gives my brother’s money to her family as if she earned it.

  • 25 nonie // Nov 15, 2009 at 12:49 am

    it doesnt matter how many years you lived in korea, how long you were married to a korean woman, how much you like kimchi, or how many books and movies you’ve seen about korean culture…. if you are not korean then you do not GET korean culture. and living and working anywhere for 2 years, certainly does not seem like enough time to fully understand any culture you are not initially a part of.
    (which makes me think the comment about “dictorial management styles” was incredibly racist. but let me guess, you aren’t racist, right? of course not. you just suffer from a paralyzing cancer called white privilege).

    this website isn’t for white people. it’s for asians to connect on something they DO know about, our culture. it’s here so we can poke a little fun at ourselves (specifically our parents, which is common in ALL cultures). it’s perfectly healthy to deconstruct the stereotypes imposed on the entire asian community by western culture.
    if we aren’t the model minority, we’re bruce lee, and if we aren’t bruce lee, we’re margaret cho, and if we aren’t margaret cho then we’re wen ho lee.

  • 26 too funny // Jul 13, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    @Perfect, whoa, bitter much??? simmer down over there…you sound like someone who is a) angry at a korean b) disowned by the korean community at large…relax. it’s just for fun…take a look at \stuff white people like\. they’re funny too…

  • 27 unique_azn1 // Jul 17, 2010 at 6:30 pm


    \this website isn’t for white people\
    \paralyzing cancer called white privilege\

    You definitely aren’t speaking for anyone but yourself, and your own racial views.

    Its people like you that just add to the fires of racism. Just go away, unless you can defend your \vast level of experience in life\ in a mature manner, without pointing a finger.

    You’re giving us a bad rep.
    and by us, I mean the \HUMAN\ race dipshit.

  • 28 Su Jin // Aug 23, 2010 at 7:22 am

    @too funny, seriously! lol….I came in here to learn about Korean culture and this site is made for koreans only???WTH???

  • 29 links london // Mar 21, 2011 at 1:25 am

    This is exactly what i was looking for. thank you for the informative post and keep up the good work!I am constantly searching online for articles that can aid me. Thanks!

  • 30 gay koreans // Oct 20, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    Your korean dad may be secretly gay cause his favorite american movies are musicals like The Sound of Music, but will never comeout because there are no gay koreans.

  • 31 Montrealer // Nov 21, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    You bet there are gay Koreans !! The one Korean I know well is not only gay, but sells his ass for money in the Montreal Gay Village !

  • 32 alonso // Feb 21, 2012 at 4:48 am

    kimchi and pizza lol

  • 33 LEE // Feb 22, 2012 at 11:17 am

    korean people should be the only people who can mock other koreans…

  • 34 mimi g. // Mar 18, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    I AM NOT KOREAN…in fact I am Mexican and many of these stuff applies to me

  • 35 ohnonotthat // Mar 19, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Are you willing to offer advise to a white woman who adopted a Koren teen? He is 40 now. I visited recently at the birth of his first child, a son. When with him, he complained of his wife, when with her, she complained of his anger. After four days they had a huge (to me) argument in Korean, dinner was left undone, and sobs and such all evening could be heard from yonder room. The next morning I left. Who needs to be in the middle of such a mess? What’s a mild mannered white mama to do? The have not answered my emails since.

  • 36 Coote // Mar 21, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    @Perfect I just read your message about christian identify and i cant agree with you 100%, because every person is different and what im gonna say about koreans as far as i know they are :
    • Racist (They doesnt like anyone who is darker than white.
    • Mean to foreighners
    • Arrogant and full of theyrselves (Only like white as snow skin, think that theyre perfect)
    • Most of them have plastic surgery, cause they cant live with the way they look, and they think that theyre ugly (its actually a common thing)
    • Trying to look cute as hard as they can. + overacting.

    >.> enough? I personally used to love korean ppl, i love all kinds of ppl, all races and i dont identify ALL koreans like that, but when i met some… They all were mean and especially girls. Ppl say that they are jealous, because i have paler skin than theirs. Sorry not meant to offend anyone, but as i know not only i think that koreans are racist and arrogant…

  • 37 lmao // Mar 30, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    funny how i’m from france and find these japanophiles and T-chinkies writing up wishfull bull$hits when those are the key facts that applies on their thanks for the laugh! but seriously, get laid you faggy nerds. :)

  • 38 nerdyfag // Mar 30, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    looking up other asian countries, is this the new 2ch- version association of sore losers? hah

  • 39 nerdyfag // Mar 30, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    gotta love how these introverted sorry fagginess of Tainachink-japgook nerds can’t shine in their realities but only in the internet. hah

  • 40 Thinkithrough // Jul 14, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Koreans love over Koreans (which is awesome).

  • 41 Amon // Aug 3, 2014 at 3:52 am

    Is it true that Koreans have to marry another Korean or in rare cases a Chinese??…does this even apply to modern Korean girls today?

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